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The SPF roof system is a thick and totally waterproof barrier that covers the whole roof. Walking on a SPF roof feels like walking on a concrete sidewalk; it's surface is hard and durable. These roofs withstand heavy foot traffic as well as construction traffic without damage. There are no seams to separate, nothing to come undone.

It cures around roof penetrations and edges and forms an impenetrable wedge, leaving them "High and Dry". The foam is contoured near drains; and low areas can easily be filled to improve drainage. Foam thickness is typically a minimum of 1" thick on large commercial roofs and 1 1/2" thick on residential roofs.

SPF - What is it?

Repairs & Flashing

Durability, Density and R-Value

How is it installed?

Price starts $6.0 sq ft & recoat starts 2.5q ft

Our Warranty

Besides costing less to install and even less to maintain, when compared to conventional roofing systems, the SPF offers several important performance features that set it apart from the competition.

Reduces Energy Costs

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) has the highest insulation value of any material commercially available today, with an insulation value of R-7.14. The white reflective coating reduces external roof temperature by 50F-90F. Since Polyurethane Foam insulates from the outside, the buildings cooling and heating systems operate more efficiently. You home will be comfortable year-round and you will see up to a 30% decrease in your heat and air conditioning bills!


When properly applied, Polyurethane Foam Roofs do not age, decompose or lose their physical properties over time. To extend the life of your roof system, it is recommended that it be recoated approximately every seven to fifteen years.

Engineered to be Lightweight

Polyurethane Foam Roofs have the superior advantage when it comes to weight and insulation. Your new roof will weigh 1/8 that of a tar and gravel roof. Up to a 90% weight decrease over conventional roofs is possible.

Stops Leaks and Ponding Water

Because our Polyurethane Foam Roofs are self-flashing around roof perimeters, skylights and drains and seamless, leaks are sealed out. In addition, the foam is closed cell structure prevents water from traveling from a damaged area to the rest of the roof, therefore, water damage is greatly minimized and repairs are easier.

Offers Versatility and Design Flexibility

Polyurethane Foam is incredibly adaptable to a wide variety of shapes including flat, pitched, fluted and modern domed or geometric shapes. Polyurethane Foam is used for residential, commercial and industrial construction. The product is resistant to earthquakes.

Non-Toxic, Ecologically Smart and Odor Free

The products we use are environmentally friendly.

Once your roof is applied, you shouldn ever have to replace it so it wonend up adding more waste to the world.

If interested you can email me or call me at foamroofing@yah or 916 370-2735 andrey


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