Edge of the World, still in the Grid! Bit of Heaven escape from Hell

If you are looking for an alliance with a few people who are believers, I may have a solution. Many NDE witness experiences are confirming the existence of Hell and the afterlife. So, it appears that there is a God, and he had a son, and he gave his life so those that realize what reality is will have a safe place to live in an eternity of love, void of all the mishaps we have on earth.

I have property with 3 available parcels that are connected. It has all of the elements of a self-sustaining infrastructure, including hydroelectric power available. In fact, it was a townsite in the 1850s, and for good reason. I have 3 parcels for sale to the right people. One is a custom home on 1/4 acre, one is 1/8 acres, and another 5.8 acres. We can have livestock, farming, and we are within an 1.5 hours from major business. There is fiber optic internet and cell towers nearby. All lots have power available, and water.

I am a designer builder contractor. I made a decision that I do not want to go to Hell at the end of my life. I am 65, and in good condition health wise, and after a few scares, however, I started thinking about dying and what if's. . . . I have been given a few signs, especially with what is going on with politics and the rigging our system to give evil equality under a constitution that really never had any teach due to sovereign immunity contained in an amendment ex post facto 1789 that modified and destroyed the constitution.

I have heavy equipment to farm and construct our homes. It would be a gated community of 4 parcels with certain rights to share in survival. The entire community involves 31 acres with a lake and pond stocked with fish, meadows for livestock and farming.

I will build to suit the homes, and offer owner builder sweat equity to offset some of the labor costs.

If this is of interest to you, let me know. This is the first request as of 5/8/24. I'm thinking this may be a sort of ministry endeavor.

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