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Hey everybody, join, the Cardiff Recording Club for Mastering!
Have your 3 best songs mastered now!

Have your best song mastered for the regular club rate of $48 I will master 2 additional songs for N.C (free)....

DON'T PLAY YOUR MUSIC to anyone , (not even your friends) until you have it go through the mastering process! (industry standard professional digital mastering software used)

Hello to all you BANDS, PRODUCERS and PROJECT STUDIO users. this is James Brian from the Cardiff Recording's time to get all your good songs finally finished, mastering is the last step before you release them..................

MASTERING makes an AMAZING difference in the final sound!!
hit me back with your best un-mastered song WAV file ( is best ) and in the same resolution format it was tracked and mixed in. 44.1 or 48k resolution and 16 or 24 bit works great!
If you can't make it a wav file send an mp3 or whatever format it is recorded in and I can convert the file for you!

The first song is regular rate for a single mastered song $48 which I bill you for via e-mail PayPal invoice after I send you the master back ( when satisfied you pay me, if you don't have paypal it's easy to set up takes about 15 minutes and will help you with that ) ,then I do the next 2 masters for you for FREE!! and you will never look back...and never play your songs un-mastered again to anyone.

Here are a few things you should think about when you're preparing your project.

Mix Until You Love It

The first tip is obvious, but so important. Mix until you love it! Listen in a few different environments, make sure it translates. Don't expect miracles from mastering. I'm awesome, but not a magician.

Master Fader Out
-5db at the peaks (no limiters or maximizers)

Do Not Use Compression On The Master Buss
If you're taking home a ref from the mix room and want to slam it, that's fine, but when it comes time to send your files in for mastering, leave it off.
Chances are the mastering engineer has better tools for punch and loudness, so please don't paint me into a corner. There are occasions when a little bit of compression helps to glue a mix together, so if that's the situation you're in, go for it, but easy does it, leave a little headroom.

Print A "Vocal Up" And "Vocal Down" Version
If you have doubts about the level of the vocal, you can avoid stress by printing a "vocal up" and "vocal down" version. Then, you leave a nice option for me to choose the appropriate mix.

Work In The Highest Resolution
Work in the highest resolution available to you. If you're recording at 24 bit, 96k for example, bounce your tracks at the same sample rate / bit rate. The idea is to keep as much resolution as possible throughout the recording / mixing / mastering process.

Provide Samples
Feel free to provide samples or recommendations of other records you LOVE the sound of, provided they are relevant stylistically.

Acceptable Source of File Types
I can work from almost any source file. In general your best-sounding, most original, highest-resolution master is preferred.
Sample rates 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, or 192k.
Bit rates of either 16 bits or 24 bits are ok.
WAV files, AIFF files, SD 2 files all ok,MP3, MP4,AAC,ANSI
Dual Mono or Stereo-interleaved ok

Thanks for send me a stereo mix file to master for you!!

J Fehr/Mastering Engineer
Cardiff Recording Club
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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