Reclaimed barn wood from the 1940's - $3 (Camino)

greenbrook drive
size / dimensions: 64" tall x 48" wide x 122" long
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Barnwood all rough sawn lumber!!
Approximate age is 75+ years old
All from a building in El Dorado County
Professionally removed !
This is all the wood that we have that’s on the list. Please don’t ask if we have different sizes if they’re not on the list.
The majority of the amount is 10” wide siding and in great condition!
There are some beams included in the list
Located in camino
Must make an appointment
Forklift is available to load

Also listed is 28 pieces of 2” x 10” x 18’ siding that is still in full lengths but has some bad sections and can be cut into smaller usable lengths. Price is negotiable on these pieces!!
Note: this is not a commercial business!
Price sheet attached in the last photo
Bulk pricing available!!
All prices are by the board foot
Priced @ $3.50 per board foot
Perfect for many different indoor or outdoor projects!
Here is the list of sizes available!
PLEASE...don't ask if I have any other than what is on this list... Im a contractor and the wood was removed for a project, not a commercial wood business
bulk purchase receives bulk discounts

100 each 2“ x 10“ x 18‘ siding
10 each 3” x 10” x 18’ siding
6 each 3” x 10” x 14’ siding
2 each 3“ x 10“ x 10‘ siding
1 each 10“ x 10“ x 14‘ beam
4 each 2“ x 6“ x 14‘
2 each 2“ x 6“ x 12‘
2 each 6” x 6” x 9’ Support beam with 2 notches
28 pieces of 2“ x 10“ x 18‘ siding that is in poor shape but certain sections can be cut to usable pieces

Please look at the price sheet before contacting me with questions

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