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My name is Dave Drelinger JD.

I am a recent graduate of Lincoln Law School in Sacramento, California.

Do you need legal documents prepared?

I am an American Bar Association certified paralegal and a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant.

I cannot provide you with legal advice or represent you in court.

I can research your legal questions and provide you with written opinions of attorneys and courts, and prepare legal documents at your direction if you are self represented.

I can help with:

1. Divorce Papers: Preparing and filing paperwork for dissolution of marriage, including petitions, financial disclosures, and settlement agreements.

2. Living Trusts: Assisting with the creation of living trusts to manage an individual’s assets during their lifetime and specify how those assets are distributed after death.

3. Wills: Preparing basic wills that outline the distribution of personal assets upon death.

4. Powers of Attorney: Creating documents that grant another person the authority to make decisions on someone’s behalf, either for healthcare or financial matters.

5. Deeds: Preparing and filing deeds for real estate transactions, such as grant deeds or quitclaim deeds.

6. Guardianship Forms: Assisting in the preparation of paperwork to establish guardianship of a minor or conservatorship of an adult.

7. Name Change Petitions: Preparing documents needed to legally change a person's name through the court system.

8. Adoption Forms: Assisting with the preparation of paperwork required for the adoption process.

9. Eviction Notices: Preparing eviction documents for landlords in compliance with local and state laws.

10. Incorporation Documents: Helping to prepare the necessary documents for forming a corporation or other business entity.

11. Bankruptcy Forms: Assisting with the preparation of forms for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

12. Promissory Notes and Contracts: Drafting promissory notes, contracts, and other legal agreements.

13. Small Claims Forms: Preparing paperwork for filing small claims lawsuits.

I also prepare Pleadings, Civil Complaints, Motions and many more legal forms, papers and documents.

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Legal Document Assistants in California must be registered and bonded. They are prohibited from providing legal advice or representing individuals in court, and their role is strictly limited to document preparation. It’s important for individuals to understand the scope of services LDAs can provide and when it might be necessary to consult with a licensed attorney for legal advice or representation.

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