Samsung Refrigerator cooling issue (Nevada City)

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For about a month now my (maybe 8-9 year old) Samsung refrigerator (Model RF261BEAESG) has decided it doesn't want to get cooler than the low to high 40s.
I've twice now (6-8 hours each time), emptied the freezer into the refrigerator (unplugged the entire fridge), and completely defrosted the freezer itself with the door open, and a fan blowing. (I did this, after reading on-line that the issue could be the amount of cooling the fridge is getting from the freezer).
Have also cleaned the coils behind and made sure that there was no blockage of air to any portion, front or rear...
Have also loosened and removed as best I could, the ice which partially blocked the lower left vent on the back portion, inside the fridge...all of which seemed to help for a few weeks...(took it to 37 degrees), but its now hovering at 47, even with the regular keeping of a 1 gallon bottle of frozen water inside on the top shelf. (I alternate 2 jugs, so one is always inside, while the other is freezing).
Anyone with the desire and ability to possibly be able to determine what the issue or part may be...or who would like to remove the inside back panel portion, that I have heard can be a problem...and/or order parts etc., I am hoping you will respond. Cash pay for labor.
I tentatively have an appt set with a repair company for a diagnostic, but it's over a week out, and some many items will just not stay good at 45 degrees.
Thank you much

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