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I’m Aubrie, a 5 Star Psychic Astrologer and Oracle. That basically means I use star maps and channeling through my sacred, bodily vessel to receive spiritual information for my clients. Cool, I know! I have over 20 years of experience honing my craft and since 2022, I've conducted over 300 spontaneous and in-person readings in Boulder, Co. I gratefully provide legitimate, in-depth consultations in alignment with the highest good of all. And my sessions are compassionate, calibrated and never preachy. Clients are often surprised at how down to earth, practical and cosmic the information is that comes through. Most importantly, I focus on what is relevant and helpful to each individual's evolution.

I meet my clients where they are and help guide them to where their higher self wants them to be.

I'm seasoned in what I do and in life, so I can confidently say that my wisdom, insights and guidance are all sourced from refined experience. I can especially help in the areas of grief management, sobriety, nutritional guidance and narcissistic abuse recovery. I am not a licensed psychologist, but clients of mine have said I'm comparable to their therapists and that they like me as much and more! I also provide practical guidance and approaches to help each person integrate the information from their session after it closes, so they can make the most of their investment with me. And when I'm not giving readings, or managing my business from behind the wizard wall, I'm raising my sweet husky puppy, Akira! She keeps my intuition ON POINT :)

My seamless booking portal is fully automated, time zone calibrated and offers a gracious rescheduling link without confrontation, because life happens! I always show up though. Sessions are available in-person at Incline Village, or long distance via Zoom.

Also! If you’re a sacred seeker who wants to make a difference in the world and put your passion to purpose; I got you! I offer sacred business consulting, brand strategizing and all the essential design and digital infrastructure platforms you need to make your dreams into a monetizable reality! Check out my Sacred Domains page for details.

*Go to: www.TheSourceheiress.com to automatically schedule a session, explore your sacred business options or simply book a discovery call with me!

Want the word on the street? Google: The Sourceheiress and read my 5 Star reviews!

Thank you.
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