Hay Feeder, Hayhut - $995 (Penn Valley)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Hayhut
size / dimensions: 84x72x86
These are brand new "Hayhut" feeders. I have several in stock.
There is very little hay waste with these feeders. I have used these types of feeders for years for all sizes of horses and ponies including draft horses. They will hold up under extreme conditions because they are made of polyethylene. This is a strong plastic that is durable and is UV stabilized. It will not rust and does not require any maintenance unlike the majority of metal feeders.

You can set the hayhuts on the ground or on stall mats. I personally use stall mats for easy cleaning and to prevent sand colic.

You can use the hayhuts to feed in daily through the window or you can free feed your horses by putting full bales into the hut.
I also have hay nets for sale that fit the inside of the hut. If you would like to put full bales into the hut, just flip the hut over onto its side and set your bales onto a pallet or stall mats and flip the hut back over the hay. The hut and hay net will tip right over the bales and you have just created a slow-feeder. I load approx. 12 to 16 bales of hay per hut.

We have also used these as shelters for our small farm animals and miniature horses and donkeys.

DIMENSIONS - 84" deep x 72" wide x 86" high
WEIGHT - 230 lbs
Hay Huts MATERIAL - high density polyethylene for strength and flexibility.
COLOR - Forest Green
PRICE - $995

The hayhut is 86 inches high so that there is plenty of headroom for the use of a pallet while still allowing for good airflow and cooling over the top of the bale.

Three huts can easily be transported in the back of a pickup truck.

The unit comes with simple assembly instructions and takes approximately 30 minutes to bolt together. They are very easy to move, manage, load and maintain. The Hayhut is supplied with all assembly hardware and with a lifting eye for relocation purposes.

In addition to the actual hay/cost savings, these Hayhuts help to reduce labor costs and minimize pasture stress in overstock situations and during poor forage growing conditions.

It is interesting to note how well these pasture feeders stop 'big bale bickering' and also how they bring a strong air of calmness and contentedness across the ranch as the horses all know that they have a constant source of forage.

Other uses-
A half unit can be mounted against a wall or a fence. Using half units will give you double the feed stations which means more harmony and less stress in your herd.
The half unit measures 42" x 72" x 86" and has four feeding windows.

The units are very easy to modify. We used a saw to cut a door opening so that we could use them as shelters for our minis. They work great!

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