Rare edible plants - $15 (Jackson CA)

I have many types of rare edible and medicinal perennial plants for sale I will list everything I can remember right now but will likely have other plants also, 1gal size unless stated. I have a minimum order which varies, I always add free plants for larger orders and can send pics of order of course. This is for public meet up or delivery only. Serious buyers/inquires only. Thanks

Thymbra spicata - spiked thyme, hyssop, yomogi, black salsify, pineapple sage, lemon verbena, red veined sorrel, minutina, mitsuba, lovage, curry herb, roman chamomile, rock samphire, lemon savory, fringed pink dianthus, wild (perennial) basil, mouse garlic, catawissa walking onion, nodding onion, hooker chives, costmary, self heal, wild bee balm, white horehound, ground nut, Jerusalem artichoke, purple plantain, New Jersey tea, sculpit, slender mountain mint(non invasive), hoary mountain mint(non invasive), (non invasive)Virginia mountain mint, Greek mountain tea, salad burnet, betony, yarrow, pink dandelion, all $10+ , sure there is more I'm forgetting

wild Manuka tea tree 1gal $15
Rasin tree - 13in tree pot or 1 gal $30+
Himalayan honeysuckle 3 gal $30
Chinese blueberry vaccinium gaultheriifolium 1 gal $30
Cherry of the rio grande Bens beaut, Savannah cherry, and dasy blasta surinam cherry in 14in tree pots 3-4 years old for $35 also have 1gal of the savannah and pitanga for $20 or less

fuchsia regia, fuchsia boliviana alba, fuchsia splendens, fuchsia denticulata, willow leaf fuchsia, $15-20

Tree fuchsia Hallieria Lucida $30
Purple forest guava 25
Midgen berry $35
Myoporum insulare blueberry tree/native juniper(Australian) $25
Kei apple- 3gal+ $50+
dwarf pixie grape 20
issai dwarf mulberry 25
Indian free peach seedlings(bare root for now) 15
black chilean guava 5in pot $30
Rose apple 15
black velvet gooseberry 15
prime ark freedom thornless blackberry, thornless raspberries like Joan j, yellow raspberries, ,thornless boysenberry all $10+
Capulin cherry $35
Juliet dwarf sour bush cherry 5gal $70
Crandall currant seedling 15
cutleaf vitex 30
desert king fig 5gal 40
black goji berry 15

Plus more I need to up pot

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