Off-Grid Industrial Solar Batteries 12, 24 & 48V - Pick-up/Delivery (East Bay)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Big Sur

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Several 12v, 24v and 48v batteries prepped and ready to go!

Big Sur Battery - The Natural Choice for Quality, Dependability and Lasting Value for your Full-Time or Backup energy needs.

I have many satisfied 'Off-Grid' customers using my Industrial Battery for their energy needs!

Many owners are switching from their L16's to the longer lasting Industrial Forklift Battery (and less expense).

Rugged reliability and built for demanding operational requirements. These Industrial Forklift batteries offer the best value in KWH storage and longevity. I have the battery and I want your business.

Example: (1) 48v 24-85-11 Battery = (16) L16's in capacity with a longer lifespan!

Quality, Performance and Pricing + Service brings it home.

Use an Industrial Forklift Battery for your Solar Battery needs. Standard "Solar Batteries" are batteries with a thinner plate design. The Big Sur Battery is designed with BIG .26" lead rods created to be depleted to 20% capacity on a daily basis charged up and do it again and again.

Proven design of busy warehouse demands and applied to your home/office solar battery needs.

Whether you are needing a battery now or considering one in the near future - please call me. I can accommodate your scheduling needs and make sure the battery is ready when YOU need it. As always, delivery is available.

Battery plates are directly related to longer life, so other things being equal, the battery with the thickest plates will last the longest. Trojan/US Battery L-16 positive battery plate is ~0.09" vs. Big Sur plate .26" diameter or 2.8 times thicker! The T105 is ~.110" which leaves the Big Sur Positive plate 2.3x thicker - at very competitive prices.

Also, the larger the surface area of the positive plate means less "stress" on the lead to deliver the energy you need.

Check out my website at www.montereybattery.com for a brief video at the top of the homepage !

The right battery for your energy storage needs means all the difference in the world in maintaining a problem free energy supply. PLEASE CALL ME if you have any potential application questions (i.e size, price, delivery, energy storage capacity, maintenance, chargers, etc.) I would love to help provide a solution that gives you the power and energy confidence you are hoping to achieve.

Thanks and Talk to you soon!

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