Horse Boarding (Shingle Springs)

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I am offering FULL SERVICE RETIREMENT board for 1 gelding located at my private home in shingle springs.

Conveniently located 5-7 mins to highway 50

My property: My property is 6 acres, the horses will have 4 1/2 ( just about) to graze during the day for a few hours (weather permitting) Rotating and seeding pasture when needed. At night they will be brought into their dry lots and fed accordingly. I occupy my residence with my two dogs, horse, and fiancé.
Horse manure gets picked up and placed into the turning system. I do not have a round pen or arena but am working extremely hard to get that process moving to put one of those in.

Fencing: Fencing is all up to horse standard and will be fixed promptly if damaged.

Temperatures are moderate in the area, we tend to get pretty hot during summer. With that said I do hose down my horse though out the day and will do the same for yours. If it’s extremely hot I will contain them in the shade with misters and fans if need be.


Shaded shared dry lot and shaded turn out.

Shared pasture with a 25 year old gelding

Safe grazing pasture

Grooming and bathing when needed

Hold for farrier and vet if needed

Administration of provided wormer or any medications.

Treatment for minor cuts and scrapes if need be. ( my land is pretty clean and very safe)

Weather permitting blanketing

Fly mask and sheet

Video updates and pics

The horses will have access to clean water, and electrolyte water also as a option

I feed orchard, and grain to my horse, 2-3 times daily

If horse has special dietary needs I will accommodate

You will need to supply your own fly spray, ointments, blankets, grain.(I can pick up grain for you)

Snake deterrent stakes are placed throughout the property and line.

Desired tenet traits: Due to this being my home, I am looking for a long-term retirement solution - not those who are taking a year off for injury or need a temporary home. I recognize this doesn’t always work out - and you may opt to relocate your horse for a variety of reasons, but our goal is long-term care. With that said, I am looking for somebody who visits their horse occasionally. You will have free trailer parking if you have a trailer. I am currently in the process of buying one, but I do have access in case of emergencies to a new trailer.

Please reach out if interested.

SevenOseven 761 six seven seven 6

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